General Information


CetusMix -training is suitable for children who are interested in swimming and who want to practice in the pool twice a week. In CetusMix the swimming skills and athletic abilities of the participants will develop so that they can after CetusMix proceed to competitive swimming, synchronized swimming and waterpolo.  From the competitive sports’ point of view, the age of 8-9 years is optimal for starting in CetusMix. On the other hand, one can partake in CetusMix also without any competitive goals. One can participate in the group with the recommendation of a Vesiralli-instructor.

Activity organizing and responsibility division

CetusMix is a group preparing and orientating for competitive group training. In CetusMix we get acquainted to regular exercise rhythm and practice being on trainings. A sports team consisting of the persons in charge of pool swimming, water polo and synchronized swimming are in control of CetusMix-coaching coordination.
Every CetusMix-group has a coach (pair) in charge, who is in control of the planning of practical activities, implementation and evaluation. Along with the coaches in charge, the coaches from synchronized swimming and water polo are leading the trainings as well.

The parents can be in contact with the groups coach in charge with things related to the child’s practicing and the groups’ practical activities. General matters, enquiries and feedback are addressed to the CetusMix person in charge of the levels. Have a look at the “CetusMix > Contact Information”.

Supplies needed in the training

The trainings start with a gathering by the pool on your swim gear/ t-shirt+ shorts when dry run). You will need a swim suit and goggles with you in the pool, and also a swim cap for those with long hair. It is also good to have a drinking bottle.

Training bracelet

The swimmers get a personal access bracelet to the swimming pools. 10€ is collected for the bracelet together with the season cost. If you lose the bracelet or it brakes, please contact hallikortit(at)


In CetusMix we get acquainted with training- and competing culture typical for different water sports. We offer a CetusMix-participant an opportunity to attend his/her first competition after the first training season. We inform about the events in advance and one can sign up for them separately. For the competition events the swimmer need a Finnish Swimming Associations swimming license, a Blue Card. The license is redeemed on the Finnish Swimming Associations web site PLEASE NOTE. The license must be redeemed 14 days before the competition.


The costs of CetusMix consist of training fee 423€/ season (autum 2019), plus Cetus's membership fee 5€/season and personal swimming bracelett (10€/season). The whole payment will be charged at once when enrolling via our webshop, or by sending a bill by post (if enrolling by telephone).

The groups' rules

The coaches agree with the group about the rules, with which the aim is to create good training circumstances and a safe and supportive atmosphere. If someone operates against the rules during the trainings or competitions, the coaches are obligated to report about it to the swimmers home. If necessary, the swimmer, the parents and the coach agree about the consequences.

We hope that as parents you give the coaches industrial peace during the trainings. Arrange a meeting with the coaches, if you want to discuss things regarding your child. Please inform the coaches if there is anything possibly influencing your child’s trainings like chronical repetitive strain injuries, allergies or learning disabilities.