Diving Club

Cetus Diving Club is meant for anyone who has completed a scuba diving certification (e.g. PADI, CMAS, NAUI), a freediving certification (mm. AIDA) or who is interested in the sport. Since 2015 the scuba operation side has done co-operation with the diving club DS. When joining the Diving Club one has to present a proper diving classification, and on the freediving side the minimum requirement is a passed freediving try-out. If you want more information about the freediving try-outs and -courses arranged by Cetus, please contact sukelluskerho@cetus.fi.


The Diving Club membership enables the use of Diving Club benefits and Diving Club sessions in addition to the normal Cetus membership. When you join the Cetus Diving Club you can also join the Finnish Divers` Federation. To become a member of the Diving Club, one has to join it annually by leaving a membership e-application and paying the club membership. (Check the Guide for the membership payment at the end of this page)  We remind our members also to get an insurance which covers any possible diving accident and keeping it up to date.

Cetus Diving Club has its own Facebook-page. By following it, you remain up to date of the club schedules and events. Go visit and like the Diving Club on Facebook

Welcome to dive with us!

Diving club's shifts 7.1.-24.5.2020

Mondays at Leppävaara swimming hall at 20.40-23.00 (diving pool)

Thursdays at Leppävaara swimming hall at 20.40-22.00 (deep pool)

Fridays at Espoonlahti swimming hall at 20.40-22.00 (deep pool)

Sundays at Leppävaara swimming hall at 21.00-22.00 (diving pool)

Exeptions in swimming schedules for club members