Adult courses

Beginner’s courses for adults

Swimming ability is an important skill for all of us. Swimming is also good and effective form of exercise. On the Beginners’ swimming courses we will teach gaining confidence for controlling oneself in the water and of course the basic skills in swimming. Participants are to be at least 15 years of age. The beginner 1-courses are arranged in a teaching pool where the water temperature is 27-29 celcius degrees. During Beginner 2 and 3-courses the participants will be swimming more and more in the deep pool. We always respect the ablitities and courage of the participants. 

Beginner level 1

Starting level requirements: Participant has courage to take a dip in a water. As goals of the course for the participants are to get used to enjoying the water, and to be able to float, glide, swim 5 meters, and to be able to dive under the water.

Beginner level 2

Starting level requirements: 5 meters swimming ability and the ability to dive under water.

Beginner level 3

Starting level requirements: 15 meter’s swimming ability (back and front) inthe deep pool. 

Swimming techniques for adults

During swimming technique courses we teach the basic techniques of different swimming styles and sharpen them to be even smoother. We also teach the turns and starts of the different swimming styles. You can choose a longer course for learning all the four swimming styles, or shorter one to just concentrate on one style. Please, note also the different course levels. 

Swimming technique course 1 

As a goal of the course is to master the basics of back- breast-, free- and butterfly styles.

Swimming technique course 2

 During the course we will sharpen the techniques and turns of all the four swimming styles.

Freestyle technique 1

Goal of the course is to learn the techniques of freestyle (crawl) swimming.

Breast stroke technique course

Learn and sharpen the technique of breast stroke starting from the basics as the right position and breathing technique.

Freestyle technique 2

During the course we will sharpen the technique and turn of the Freestyle (crawl) swimming.

Swimming as a hobby

You may want to continue your swimming as a hobby after technique courses. For that there is a condition swimming group that meets once a week. You may also want to ask additional information about Masters- swimming. In Condition swimming group we will sharpen the swimming techniques and turns, and practice long distance swimming and do different kinds of exercices. We will swim 1000-2000 meters each training time.  

Condition swimming group

Maintain a continuous swimming hobby and to improve one’s personal physical condition.

Water exercising

Welcome to enjoy exercising in the pool with us! Water gymnastics, water running and hydrobic are effective but safe ways to exercise, and suit for everybody. Water’s resistance makes the exercise efficient but due to the floatability it doesn’t strain the joints. 

Water gymnastics

Water gymnastics is effective and refreshing exercise in the water with a stable heart rate.


Hydrobic is effective and refreshing exercise in the water with music.


Powerhydrobic is a bit more effective exercise than its little sister hydrobic. 

Aqua running

Aqua running is effective and refreshing exercise in the water. We use running belts as help implement.