Beginner’s courses for adults

Swimming ability is an important skill for all of us. Swimming is also good and effective form of exercise. On the Beginners’ swimming courses we will teach gaining confidence for controlling oneself in the water and of course the basic skills in swimming. Participants are to be at least 15 years of age. The beginner 1-courses are arranged in a teaching pool where the water temperature is 27-29 celcius degrees. During Beginner 2 and 3-courses the participants will be swimming more and more in the deep pool. We always respect the ablitities and courage of the participants. 

Beginner level 1

Starting level requirements: Participant has courage to take a dip in a water. As goals of the course for the participants are to get used to enjoying the water, and to be able to float, glide, swim 5 meters, and to be able to dive under the water.

Beginner level 2

Starting level requirements: 5 meters swimming ability and the ability to dive under water.

Beginner level 3

Starting level requirements: 15 meter’s swimming ability (back and front) inthe deep pool.