Swimming techniques for adults

During swimming technique courses we teach the basic techniques of different swimming styles and sharpen them to be even smoother. We also teach the turns and starts of the different swimming styles. You can choose a longer course for learning all the four swimming styles, or shorter one to just concentrate on one style. Please, note also the different course levels. 

Swimming technique course 1 

As a goal of the course is to master the basics of back- breast-, free- and butterfly styles.

Swimming technique course 2

 During the course we will sharpen the techniques and turns of all the four swimming styles.

Freestyle technique 1

Goal of the course is to learn the techniques of freestyle (crawl) swimming.

Breast stroke technique course

Learn and sharpen the technique of breast stroke starting from the basics as the right position and breathing technique.

Freestyle technique 2

During the course we will sharpen the technique and turn of the Freestyle (crawl) swimming.