Baby swimming

Baby swimming is a joyful,​ safe,​ shared play moment between a child and parents. Baby doesn’t learn to swim by him/herself,​ but to play and dive with parental support. The goal is to make a child friends with water and to support his/her growth and development. We recommend moving to family swimming group latest as the child turns 1,​5 years old.

Starting level requirements: The baby is 3 months old,​ and has gotten the 3 months’ vaccination,​ and weighs 5kg

Enrollments to babyswimming is done by the baby's name. If the baby hasn't got a name yet, you may use a name like "Baby/Boy/Girl/Last name". If the baby isn't born yet, you may announce the expected date of confinement, and inform us the right birthday as soon as the baby is born.