Sibling group

Sibling group is meant for families where there are a 3months-1,​5 year old baby and under school aged sibling(s). Sibling swimming is a combination of baby- and family swimming,​ and all the children will be given tasks under the swimming lesson. The goal is to make the children friends with water and to support their growth and development. We recommend moving to family swimming group latest as the youngest child turns 1,​5 years old.

Starting level requirements: The baby is 3 months old,​ and has gotten the 3 months’ vaccination,​ and weighs 5kg,​ and the older sibling is under school age.

NOTE! Enrollments to sibling swimming group are done by the youngest child's name.  If the baby hasn't got a name yet, you may use a name like "Baby/Boy/Girl/Last name". If the baby isn't born yet, you may announce the expected date of confinement, and inform us the right birthday as soon as the baby is born.