Discover new sports (+6y)

Variety of different swimming sports offer a possibility to continue one's swimming hobby and improve different kinds of swimming skills. We arrange several courses by which you will get to know to different sports, for example platform diving, life saving and syncronized swimming. The goal is to have fun and learn new things. Most of the courses suit also for side of Water rally. 


During Vesis- course child gets to know to the basics of water polo and strengthens his/her swimming skills. We focus in basics of water polo by means of playing and having fun. 

Synchronized swimming

Synchronized swimming is a versatile team sport which requires a lot of stamina, strength and skill. We arrange basic courses in synchronized swimming for children who are able to swim in a deep pool.  

Olympic diving

Olympic diving is an aesthetic judging sport, which is performed alone or with a pair. We arrange courses for beginners and also for little more advanced divers.

Snorkel diving

Snorkel diving is diving with basic equipment (other equipment are not used).

Junior Life Saver

Junior Life Saver courses are meant for children who are already 7 years old, and interested in developing their skills in Life Saving.