Improve your technique

Water rally-courses are versatile courses in swimming and they are a suitable for children who have already gone to swimming schools (beginner 1-3 levels). Practicing the basics of different swimming sports and supplying challenges for children are the essence of these courses – without forgetting to have fun of course! During the different course levels child will become familiar with waterpolo, diving, synchronized swimming and the techniques of different swimming styles.

On course of levels 1 and 2 we will practice basic skills such as breathing technique and body control. During levels 3 and 4 we will train overall techniques and performances as a whole. When the child has completed Water rally-course, she/he will get a diploma and a pin that accounts to his/her skills. Our instructors are educated and trained by Finnish Swimming Association. Courses are arranged in a deep pool.

Water rally 1

During the course we will practice right swimming position, breathing technique during swimming and body control in the water. On the course child can merit a Frog pin.

Water rally 2

During the course we will deepen the skills learned during Water rally 1, such as body control in the water, right swimming position and right kind of breathing technique.

Water rally 3

During the course we will practice swimming in more comprehensive matter. Breaststroke and butterfly stroke will also become familiar.

Water rally 4

During the course we will deepen the skills learned during Water rally 3, and comprehensive swimming techniques will become even more familiar.

Technique course for children

This is a course for children that already know how to swim. We practice the different swimming techniques (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly).