Muuvi & Wau

Espoon kaupunkiMuuvi-hobbygroups are arranged always in the deep pool and they are meant for 10-12-year-old children. To attend Muuvi, the participant has to be able to swim continuosly at least 25 meters (on the stomach, and on the back). So we can be sure, that we can offer everybody a safe and comfortable swimming experience in the right kind of group. The instructor is teaching on the pool side, and will not be in the water with the children. We also arrange Muuvi- diving group, where children can familiarize with (platform/ springboard) diving in a safe environment. Muuvi is arranged in cooperation with Espoo city.

WAU-clubs are for children, who are at a beginner- level in swimming and also for them, who already swim in the deep pool (minimum swimming ability in the deep pool is 25meters continuous swimming on the stomach and on the back). We have also two age groups in WAU: for 1-3-graders and for 4-6-graders. WAU is arranged in cooperation with Espoo city and Espoon telinetaiturit.

The enrollment to both groups happens via Cetus, and due to safety matters, we can offer a limited amount of  places in the groups.

We arrange the groups in Espoonlahti, Keski-Espoo and Leppävaara swimming halls. The both groups are free of charge for the participants. Because we can take a limited number of participants in the groups, the registration in the groups has to be done beforehand.

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