Swimming schools

In swimming schools child will practice elementary skills in swimming. We teach also the important pre-skills for swimming such as floating, gliding, and jumping in to the pool. When a child completes swimming school he/she will get a diploma and a FSL’s (Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation) badge accounting to the skills achieved. The teaching takes place mainly in the teaching pool but as the skills develop we will spend more time in the deep pool. Our instructors are educated by FSL. We recommend the use of swimming goggles for the participants.

Swimming school for beginners

Swimming school for beginners -group is meant for children who are at least 4 years old and who already can act courageously in a group following the teacher’s advice. Child has to be also able to act bravely in the water. In the group we teach skills such as diving, floating, gliding and also basic skills in swimming. Child attends Swimmin school for beginners -course without a parent. One lesson lasts 30 minutes.

Swimming school 1

In Swimmin school 1 children will practice elementary swimming skills such as swimming position, breathing and kicking. Goals of the course: To be able to float, glide, dive and swim 5 meters (elementary front- and backstroke) and a jump to the teaching pool with feet first.

Swimmin school 2

In Swimming school 2 participants will develop swimming skills further, and practice body control and breathing technique. Goals of the course: To be able to swim 15 meters (elementary front-and backstroke) and to jump in to the deep pool without assistance.

Swimmin school 3

In Swimming school 3 participants will develop swimming skills and gain confidence in swimming in the deep pool. Goals of the course: 25 meters swimming ability in a deep pool (25m elementary front stroke and 25m elementary backstroke).