Customer contract terms

The contract terms composed by Cetus Espoo ry, (Cetus) concern the agreements between Cetus and the consumer. Our contract terms and procedures follow the instructions for sport centers about making agreements about memberships, and changes in contracts, given by Consumer Authority.
It is a matter of good customer service to mutually follow the contract terms, concerning all the customers equally and consistently.

Cetus offers water sports services (such as babyswimming, swimming schools, technique courses etc.) to persons who buy these services. These services include instructed activity by educated instructors. The products are paid in Cetus' web shop through Paytrail Oyj payment service. (see verkkokaupan ehdot)

1. Cetus’s course membership is valid during the course period. The membership is always personal and concerns only the course/courses the customer has enrolled to. The contract for a person who is under 18-year old is made by guardian within enrollment.

2. The course membership payment/fee is not returned when the course has already started, except under special circumstances mentioned in point 3. When the cancellation has been made before the course has started, the organizer has the right to collect the valid processing fee from the customer. At the moment the processing fee is 15€. The cancellation of a course membership only 0-7 days in advance, can only be done by delivering a medical certificate to Cetus's office.

3. In some special cases, such as a long term illness (at least one month), pregnancy or military service, the membership can be suspended. In these aforementioned cases of suspension, the customer has to present a literal deposition. Even  these kinds of suspended course memberships are processed case-by-case.

4. If a lesson is cancelled because of reason not reliant to the course organizer (Cetus), the cancellation does not give a right for refunding the course payment to the customer, or replacing the lesson. This kind of a reason can be for example vomit- or excrement accident by the pool, which disallows the customers and the course members to use the pool during that particular time period.

5. It is not allowed to bring any friends, family members (etc.) to the courses organized by Cetus.

6. If the customer will not follow these contract terms, the course membership can be denounced immediately, without a responsibility to refund the course payment.

7. Cetus Espoo ry reserves the rights to make changes. If Cetus has to for example cancel a course before it begins, the course payment is returned to the customer. A reason for cancelling a course can be for example that the minimum number of participants is not reached.