Olympic diving

Olympic diving is an aesthetic judging sport, which is performed alone or with a pair. We arrange courses for beginners and also for little more advanced divers.

In Diving, The goal is to make each dive into the water as straight as possible with a tight body position, making as little splash as possible. The dives are judged from the trajectory of the dive, rotation speed, body control and shape and of course the actual dive into the water.

Good abilities of coordination, rhythm, strength, speed, courage and sustainability are important qualities for a diver.

Ways of performance:

There are four ways of performing dives, and they are marked with following letters: A= straight B= pike C= tuck and D= free style


There are six directions, in which the dives are performed:

Front (100)
Back (200)
Reverse (300)
Inward (400)
Twist (500)
Armstand (600)

In forward dives the diver faces forward off the board and dives head first toward the water. Back dives are similar to forward dive, except the diver faces the back of the platform. Again, the diver goes headfirst toward the water. In a reverse dive the diver faces forward but does a backflip to start the dive instead of the forward dive's front-flip.Inward dive means the reverse of the back dive. The diver faces the back of the platform but does a front-flip off the platform. Twisting dive can also be combined with any of the other types of dives. As the name implies, the dive consists of twisting around its vertical axis (as opposed to somersaults). Armstand dives are performed only on platforms. In an armstand dive, the diver goes into any of the other types of dive from the handstand position at the end of the platform.

Olympic diving course 1

We will practice the basic skills and techniques in Diving, mainly from 1 meter’s springboard. Starting level requirements: Ability to swim 50 meters continuously in a deep pool. Courage to jump from 1m spring board with your feet first. Ability to do a tuck falling from the pool side.

Olympic diving course 2

We will sharpen the already learned skills in diving. We will dive from 1m and 3 m springboards, and from 3m and 5m platforms. Starting level requirements:Ability to swim 50 meters continuously in a deep pool. Passing through Olympic diving course 1.