Snorkel diving

Snorkel diving is diving with basic equipment (other equipment are not used). Basic equipment are mask, snorkel and fins, which are recommendable to acquire after the first lesson. During the snorkel diving courses we will practice the basic skills in safe diving. During the course we will also swim, dive, play and practice the diver’s signs.

Basic course in snorkel diving

During the Basic course in Snorkel diving we teach using the basic equipment in snorkeling. Starting level requirements: Age of 7 years and 50 meters’ good swimming ability (front-/freestyle) and ability to dive 5m length.

Continuation course in snorkel diving

During the course we practise various diving skills, water rescuing, swimming and safe snorkeling and diving. Starting level requirements: Passing the Basic course in Snorkel diving and an ability to swim continuously at least 100 meters (front- and backstroke).

Snorkel diving group

Snorkel diving group meets once a week to enjoy snorkel diving. Group is meant for those, who have already passed the Jar Seal-Course in snorkel diving. During the training time we will continue practicing the basic skills in snorkel diving, safe diving, rescuing from the water, and first help skills.