Synchronized swimming

Synchronized swimming is a versatile team sport which requires a lot of stamina, strength and skill. Synchronized swimming combines the interpretation of music and the performing of the choreographs. That equals the sport to be similar to dancing. Additionally synchronized swimming is influenced by callisthenic sports as it requires extreme mobility for the performing to look effortless and light. Among the challenges in the sport are performing the choreographs in the water which requires extreme ability to hold one’s breath. Synchronized swimming is an Olympic sport and it has been a part of Finnish sport scene from the 1920s. For more information please go to

Basics in synchronized swimming

On this course we’ll practice the basics in synchronized swimming and the techniques required in the sport. Additionally to the training related directly to the sport we train swimming and do choreographic & flexibility exercises.  50m continuous swimming ability and the courage to dive. Child has to feel him/herself safe in the water. On the course we’ll train moves with one’s head under water. The course suits for example for those who want to have a second training per week along with Water rally-course.