Water polo (“Vesis”)

Water polo is a multifaceted sport. It develops strength, endurance and body control skills. These skills help the child to get along in any sport. Basic course in Water polo, also called “Vesis”, is about having fun in the water with a ball. Vesis is a light version and first step towards water polo, and it is meant for children who have already turned 6 years old. The main goal for the players is to deliver the ball into opponent’s goal, but as a difference with water polo, the players are allowed to touch the bottom of the pool with their feet. The most important elements; water and controlling the ball, are strongly present.

During Vesis- course child gets to know to the basics of water polo and strengthens his/her swimming skills. We focus in basics of water polo by means of playing and having fun. Exercises are such as handling the ball, trampling the water and practicing team skills.

Starting level requirements: 25 m continuous swimming ability in a deep pool. Child has to be able to dive without goggles.