The exceptions on the courses' timetables

Autumn 2019

Cetus is not arranging courses in Leppävaara, Keski-Espoo, Espoonlahti or Kilo (Waterpolo school) during the times mentioned below:

Mon-sun 14.10-20.10. Autumn holiday
Thu-fri 5.12.-6.12. Independence day and it's eve

No courses in Espoonlahti swimming hall due to (swimming) competitions:

Sat-Sun 28.-29.9. Speedo Cup
Fri-Sun 1.11.-3.11. IKM
Sat 23.11. Espoo Swim Games

In addition there will be no in Espoonlahti swimming hall courses during:

Sat 26.10. at 17.40-19.15
Sun 27.10. at 8.30-11.30
Sat 16.11. at 17.40-19.15
Sun 17.11. at 8.30-11.30

due to waterpolo tournaments