Information about course enrollment

How do I enroll to Cetus’s course?

Enrollments to Cetus’ courses happens via our website: and preferably through our webshop. You may also make the enrollment by telephone (010-5264540) during our phone hours. We recommend making the enrollment via our webshop due to the busy telephone lines during the first days of enrollment. We don’t accept enrollments to our courses via email. We charge 5€ for the enrollments made via telephone.

When enrolling online:

Please register yourself on our website and you will get a username (your email address) and a password. If you already have a username, just log in! The "Webshop-button" will lead you to a selection of the courses. When you want to reserve a place from a course click on the “buy”-button and add the course participant’s information to the asked fields. After that you may continue shopping or proceed to the payment. The payment is made via Paytrail online service, and is done with online bank id or with a credit card. The products in the shopping cart have to be paid in 10 minutes. The enrollment is confirmed as the payment is made. Reservations that are left unpaid, are not valid. The reservation confirmation is sent to the email address you have given. It is recommended to print out or at least save the confirmation letter. You will find the specific course information, course dates and other useful links in the confirmation. Please familiarize yourself to them carefully. The confirmation serves the purpose of a course letter and you will not be receiving any other letters.

Queueing to courses:

When a course is full, you can still enroll to a queue. There are 30 places in each course queue, and you will see the amount of free queue places in each course’s details. We will contact you by email or by telephone in case a place in a course opens up for you. If you’re not contacted you’re still in a queue. The queueing applies to one specific course only although you may queue for several courses simultaneously. Queueing is free of charge.

Cancellation policies:

You may cancel your enrollment 7 days before the course starts by sending us an email to: or by calling us during our telephone hours. We will charge a 15€ processing fee for each cancellation. Those who are enrolled to baby- or family swimming may also cancel their enrollment by sending an email to:
It is possible to cancel a course less than 7 days before the course starts ONLY with a doctor’s certificate. The certificate has to be scanned to or to be posted to Leipurinkuja 1 A, 02360 Espoo. We will charge 15€ also for this kind of cancellation. When an enrollment is cancelled during a course no money will be refunded.


Cetus will not compensate separate absences from a course. If you wish to get compensated for a longer absence because of illness, a doctor’s certificate is required. To get a compensation, the absence has to last at least 4 course lessons in a row. The doctor’s certificate has to be delivered to Cetus during the course period. Cetus will charge a 15€ processing fee of the compensation. Absences cannot be replaced by participating in other groups’ lessons.

Changing a course:

If you have made an enrollment to a wrong course, you may change the enrollment to another course in the same price and same time period without any extra charge. If a participant stops attending to a course any payments will not be refunded as we try to find a solution by finding a place in a more suitable group. Please familiarize yourself to the courses’ starting level requirements and visit the swimming hall before making an enrollment.

If a course is cancelled by Cetus:

In case there is not enough enrollees to a course, the course might not be arranged. In cases like these Cetus will refund the whole course payment to the customer or aims to find a place for the enrollee from another group.
If a course lesson is cancelled due to a reason independent to Cetus, and that is unpredictable (for example water becoming dirty) Cetus will not compensate the cancelled lesson. If the cancellation depends on Cetus, the lesson will be compensated.

You can get to know our customer contract terms here: