Private lessons

Do you want to improve your swimming technique? Does your child need individual advice in swimming? You can reserve a private lesson from Cetus. The content of the lesson is customized regarding your wishes. We offer swimming teaching from beginner’s - to advanced level.

What should I take with me to a private lesson?

For the private lesson you need only a swimsuit (and other normal equipment, towel etc.). We also recommend using swimming goggles during the lessons. If you own a pair, don’t hesitate taking them with you! The instructor will meet you in front of the life guard’s office when the lesson starts.  

More information and booking


Pricelist of the private lessons

The lesson lasts 30 minutes at a time. The invoice is sent to customer’s home address (or by email) after the lesson/ lessons. The price includes the teaching and an insurance under the lesson. The swimming pool’s entrance fee is not included in the price.  

One person
44,00€/ 30min

Two persons

Three persons


The private lessons can be cancelled free of charge at the latest three days before the lesson starts. In case you have a private lesson on a Monday and you want to cancel it, you have to do the cancellation by email on Friday before 12.00 o'clock. In other cases we will charge the whole price of the lesson. In case the customer cancel a lesson because of illness, the customer have to send a doctor's certificate in 10 days from the time he/she got ill to cancel the lesson free of charge.


Cetus keeps the right to cancel the lesson in cases like e.g. that the teacher gets ill.