Ask the instructor

To be able to give even more individual feedback on childrens’ improvement on our courses, we are arranging an ”Ask the instrucor” day on week 37 in all our courses that end on week 41 (8.-14.10.2018). This includes beginner swimming school and swimming schools 1, 2 and 3 and also all Water rallies. 

During that day parents have a possibility to talk to their childrens’ instructors during the lesson the child is in. The instructors can then give information on how the child is improving in his/her  techniques and how the course is going. This feedback is to make sure parents know what their children are doing in their hobby and also give hints on what to practice with their children outside the swimming school, if there is something the child needs more practice with. We hope that most parents can make it, even if it is for a couple of minutes, to talk to the instructor!

When you bring your child to the lesson on that week (10.-16.9.), one instructor will teach the children as usual and the other one is ready to talk to the parents and answer their questions about the swimming lessons and the child tehy have in the group. We will arrange an extra instructor to the groups when it is needed. We consider all groups individually by the instructors’ experience and capability to teach a bigger group for that one lesson.

The feedback is given by the poolside during the lesson, so make sure you wear something light and come to the pool area without shoes or outdoor clothing. Please follow the swimming pool’s rules and instructions.

Groups, where we arrange the ”Ask the instructor”-day 10.-16.9.2018

Leppävaara swimming pool
Monday 10.9. Swimming schools (Beginner and levels 1-3) at 16.30-20.35  
Monday 10.9. Water rally 1 at 16.30-17.10 The course ending 8.10.

Keski-Espoo swimming pool
Tuesday 11.9. Beginner swimming school at 17.05-17.35
Saturday 15.9. Swimming schools (Beginner and levels 1-3) at 13.15-16.05
Sunday 16.9. Water rallies 1 and 2 at 12.45-14.15.
Sunnuntai 16.9. Swimming schools (Beginner and levels 1-3)  at 14.40-17.30

Espoonlahti swimming pool
Monday 10.9. Swimming schools (Beginner and levels 1-3) at 16.30-17.35
Tuesday 11.9. . Swimming schools (Beginner and levels 1-3) at 16.30-20.35 Only the ones ending 9.10. Sunday 16.9. Water rally 1 at 8.30-9.15.
Sunday 16.9 Beginner swimming school at 12.45-13.15

The idea behind this day is to inform the parents on their childs swimming school and theis improvment in it. You can send other questions and feedback through our contact form here:, by e-mail or by calling our customer service 010 5264540.