Swimmer school

The Swimmer schools is meant for 5-7 years old children. At Swimmer school children will practice typical skills of swimming such as body control in the water, correct swimming position and the right kind of breathing technique through games and funny drills in the water. At the Swimmer school emphasizes the versatile development of water skills.

The Swimmer school participants trains twice a week. The second exercise of the week is a joint exercise called Vesikarnevaalit. Family members of the participant have an opportunity to participate to the Vesikarnevaalit once in a month.

Starting level requirements

The Swimmer school is intended for children from 5 to 7 years old. The Swimmer school is aimed to children who are brave in the water, enjoy swimming and like to learn new water skills through games and drills. The group is arranged in the deep pool. One can participate in the group with the recommendation of a Cetus swimming instructor.


The goal is to develop into a good swimmer through play and drills and to have a constant hobby of swimming. If desired, the Swimmer school is a good path to the world of competitive swimming.

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