From a competitive viewpoint the ideal age for starting in the CetusMix group is 8 to 9 years old. It is, however, perfectly acceptable to join the group to train without any competitive goals. Please note, that a child can join the group only at the recommendation of an (Vesiralli) instructor.

In CetusMix the children practice several different water sports simultaneously. The goal is to develop a diverse range of water and athletic skills. CetusMix aims to create a foundation for building the specialised skills needed in competitive water sports.

Vesiralli 1-4 and the various stroke technique classes are good choices for developing the skills required to join CetusMix. Children's hobby groups and the different classes are a good alternative for CetusMix, which is primarily a competitive group.

After CetusMix the children can continue training competitively in swimming, artistic swimming or water polo. Age, level of commitment and skill development during CetusMix all affect a child's readiness to begin training competitively.

You can find the CetusMix groups and their training schedules here.

Starting level requirements

Joining CetusMix is only possible at the recommendation of an (Vesiralli) instructor. CetusMix is an ideal choice for keen swimmers who want to train twice per week once they've completed the Vesiralli 3-4.

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