Vesiralli 3

In Vesiralli 3, children practice swimming correctly for longer distances and learn the basics of butterfly and breaststroke. They also continue working on previously learned skills, such as body control and position. During a single class the children will swim increasingly longer distances. Vesiralli 3 sessions are in the big pool.

Skills required for the Seal pin:

  • Swim butterfly for 3-5 stroke cycles
  • Swim at least 6 stroke cycles of breaststroke (arm pull + exhalation into water)
  • Perform freestyle turn (flip turn)
  • Swim any two strokes for 150 meters without stopping
  • Hover
  • Dive to the bottom from a floating position
  • Assume swimming position (freestyle and backstroke) from a relaxed float
  • Perform 6 somersaults during a 25 meter swim
  • From a standing position, bend at the waist and fall into the water
  • Water rescue entry
  • Swim feet first on the back for 10 meters
  • Transport and throw a ball
  • Swim freestyle for 25 meters (correct breathing)

(The child must be able to repeat the skill to demonstrate mastery. The instructor will evaluate the performance during the course. Not all of the skills listed above are required to earn the pin.)

Starting level requirements

To participate, the child meets the requirements for a Fish pin (Vesiralli 2) and is able to swim 100 meters without stopping (50 m back crawl and 50 m front crawl).


The goals include mastery of the back and front crawl strokes and the understanding and mastery of the movements required for butterfly and breaststroke. The child can work to earn a Seal pin during the course.

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