Vesiralli 4

In Vesiralli 4, children continue working on skills learned in Vesiralli 3. They will become more skilled in performing all the strokes and their turns. During a single class the children will swim increasingly longer distances. Vesiralli 4 sessions are in the big pool.

Skills required for the Dolphin pin:

  • Dive in head first
  • Swim at least 6 stroke cycles of breaststroke (correct technique)
  • Perform a breaststroke turn
  • Swim butterfly for 3-5 cycles (correct breathing)
  • Swim 200 meters, at least 50 meters of it backstroke
  • Swim 8-10 meters under water and retrieve two rings from the bottom
  • Spiderman
  • Start swimming (freestyle and backstroke) from a relaxed float
  • Perform the tub and oyster (artistic swimming)
  • Transport a ball and transfer it from hand to hand 6-10 times

(The child must be able to repeat the skill to demonstrate mastery. The instructor will evaluate the performance during the course. Not all of the skills listed above are required to earn the pin.)

Starting level requirements

To participate, the child meets the requirements for a Seal pin (Vesiralli 3) and is able to swim 150 meters without stopping.


The goal is mastery of the different strokes as a whole. The child can work to earn a Dolphin pin during the course.

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