Success as a swimming club

Cetus has won the national title of the best swimming club in finland 5 times in a row.

Starting a swimming career

The competitive sports in Cetus starts from the CetusMix-level. Besides competetive swimming this level also includes elements from waterpolo and synchronized swimming. The goal of the training is to offer children a wide variety of exercises to develop motoric skills and physical abilities. It could also be seen as a chance of getting to know opportunities of the water sports. CetusMix is angled towards 7-11-year-old children.

Coaching in Cetus

Our goal is to provide each swimmer a group that serves his/her skill level and ambition for swimming. Our coaching system is based on five basic levels and each level can have multiple parallel groups that have specific acception criteria and objectives.

Swimming groups

There are 21 swimming groups in Cetus at the moment. All groups are determined based on many factors such as skill level and age of the swimmer. To advance in the group hierarchy one must pass the requirements of the next level group.