Swimming for members

Cetus members are allowed to swim during the swimming club’s own shifts as follows: 

Swimming shifts for Cetus members 8.1.-27.5.2018

Espoonlahti swimming hall  

Fridays at 20.45pm-21.30pm (swimming +gym)
Saturdays at 17.45pm-19.15pm (swimming +gym)
Sundays at 8.30am-10.45am (swimming +gym) 

You will find the exeptions in the member swiming time scedules here!


Swimming shifts for Diving Club members 8.1.-27.5.2018

Leppävaara swimming hall on Mondays at 20.40pm-22.00pm 

Espoonlahti swimming hall on Fridays at 20.45pm-21.30pm 

You will find exeptions in the member swiming time scedules  here!