Arriving to Cetus' course


  • When attending to Cetus’s course, you need a swimsuit, a towel and other toiletries. We also warmly recommend using goggles during our courses. Goggles make the swimming experience even more confortable. 
  • Valuables or large amounts of cash are recommended not to be brought to the swimming hall. There are safety deposit boxes in the lobby which are to be used with a 0,50€ coin deposit.

When arriving to the swimming hall…

  • The bracelet for the entrance and for the locker is to be retrieved from the cash desk when signing up for the course. If an adult escort for the course participant wants to take a swim as well, the normal swimming hall entrance fee has to be paid. Please note, that the entrance fee is included basicly only in the childrens’ courses. 
  • If the course you are attending, is arranged outside the swimming hall's normal opening hours, there will be a door attendant at the swimming pool door to let the course participants in. The door attendant will also give away locker bracelets after enrolling the participants in. There’s no public swimming during the club’s shift. 
  • Before entering the pool a complete wash in the shower without your swimming suit on is required. Also make sure your hair is wet or please use a bathing cap. Long hair has to be tied up so that they won’t be on yours or anyone other’s way. Please take off all of your jewels before entering the pool. We suggest for the children to use the toilet before the course begins. If you want to use the Sauna, it should be used after the swim. 
  • Adults are responsible of their children in the shower- and the dressingrooms. (Children over 7 years old can act independently, but it is recommended to agree about it with the instructor on the first course time). 
  • An adult convoy can bring the child in to the pool-area with his/her clothes on, but shoes and other outwear has to be left in the locker. 

When the course starts…

  • The instructor meets the participant on the poolside when the course starts, and is responsible for the participants’ safety during the course.
  • All the enrolled participants are insured during the course.
  • If you do not feel well, do not participate on the course. If you have an illness (e.g. asthma or epilepsy), talk to your doctor about coming to a swimming course. Also notify the instructor about the illness.
  • We also kindly ask the convoys to move to the stand for the course time.
  • After the lesson  the responsibility of the child shifts to the guardian. In case a course participant wants to stay at the swimming area after the course, a normal swimming hall entrance fee should be paid to the cash desk. Children under 7 years old always swim with a paying adult.

Additional information…

  • Please be aware that using cell phones in the showers is strictly prohibited. Even keeping the cell phone displayed is prohibited because of modern day camera phones.  Citing to the general customer comfort and received customer feedback, please avoid talking to your phone in the locker rooms. Photographing and filming videos is strictly prohibited in swimming hall's. Citing to the general comfort and safety all swimming pool bylaws are to be obeyed.
  • Please note, that there can be overcrowding in the swimming hall’s parking lot and in the dressing rooms especially during weekends.
  • In all concerns about the courses, please contact our office per e-mail, or per telephone mon 9-12, tue 12-15, wed and thu 9-12.