Cetuksen Masters-uinti - syyskausi käyntiin 15.8.

Cetus masters is an active masters swimming group located in Espoo, Finland with ages ranging from 25 to 70+

Our typical practises are around 2.5 km with lots of individual flexibility. A coach is at the pool on Tuesdays and these practises are conducted in English. On other days the practises are conducted by somebody in the pool.

The current training hours are:

Mon 20:40-22:00 Leppävaara
Tue 20:40-22:00 Leppävaara
Thu klo 20:40-22:00 Leppävaara
Fri klo 20:40-21:30 Espoonlahti

If you are interested in joining us or just visiting the capital area you are welcome to pop in at any of the practises for a try out session.

Leppävaara pool in google maps
Espoonlahti pool in google maps


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