Discover new sports

Cetus also offers other water sport disciplines in addition to swimming. We offer introductory classes, where you can try artistic swimming and water polo, for example. Trying these other disciplines offers a great way to develop your water skills and add variety to your time in the pool. An introductory class can also open the door for you to join one of our competitive groups.

Mermaid Swimming is an opportunity to swim like a real mermaid. You will use a mermaid tail, which consists of a costume and a monofin, to move in the water in true mermaid style. All mermaid swimming classes take place in the big pool.

You can borrow a mermaid tail (costume + fin) from Cetus and then purchase it for your own, if you wish. For more information about purchasing the tail, contact your instructor or kurssit(at) If you already have a mermaid tail (costume + fin), we will offer you the class at a discount.

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