Private lessons

Do you need pointers on your swimmingtechnique? Does your child need support in learning how to swim? Private lessons are tailored to suit your needs, from beginner skills to advanced techniquetips.

A private lesson is a good choice if one wants to tackle their fear of water, or just overcome any obstacle they might have when learning to swim. Many take private lessons to boost their learning, even if they already attend swimming courses- during a private lesson the instuctor is there for you, and the two of you can work on those areas that pose challanges for you. A private lesson consists of 30 effective minutes, and even a couple of private lessons can work wonders!

What do I bring with me to a private lesson?

When attending a private lesson, one needs their swimming suit, a towel and shower essentials for washing (e.g. shower gel, shampoo etc.). We also recommend using your swimming goggles. The instructor will meet you in the pool area, by the life guard’s office.


  • One participant: 44,00€
  • Two participants: 66,00€
  • Tree participants: 88,00€

One private lesson lasts approx. 30 minutes.

After booking the system will automatically send an invoice of the private lesson via email. The price includes the instruction, as well as an insurance for the participant during the lesson. The entry fee to the swimming pool is NOT included in the price- the entry fee is paid to the swimming hall cashier as always.

Terms of cancellation

A private lesson can be cancelled free of charge, a minimum of three days beforehand. In all other cases, Cetus has the right to charge full price for the lesson. If one has to cancel the lesson due to illness- please provide a doctor’s certificate to Cetus Customer service within 10 days from falling ill- this way we will not charge for the cancelled lesson.

Cetus withholds the right to cancel the lesson in case of e.g. the instructor falling ill.

Additional information:

For more information about the private lessons, please call Cetus Customer service 010-5264540 or e-mail us at yksityistunnit(at)


One can see and reserve private lessons from the reservation calendar below. Reservations should be made using the name of the participant. When making a reservation for two persons- make the reservation in the name of one of the participants, but include the other participants name in the ”lisätieto” (additional information)-field.

Mermaid swimming private lessons:

On mermaid swimming private lessons you will move in the water like a mermaid using the tail (fin + costume). The mermaid swimming private lessons are available in Matinkylä swimming hall and the participant has to be able to swim at least 50 meters continuosly and swim under water with confidence. The private lessons will be held in a deep pool.

The price: according to the upper price list + 5€ tail rent/participant. If the participant has own mermaid tail, we do not charge a costume rental. Please note that putting on the mermaid tail is included in the 30 minutes lesson.

Mermaid swimming private lessons has to be booked by contacting yksityistunnit(at) The cancellation conditions mentioned above also apply to mermaid swimming private lessons.

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