Swim Class 1

In Swim Class 1 children practice basic swimming skills like body position, breathing and kicking. Instruction takes place primarily in the children's pool, but the group may also practice some skills in the big pool. Swim Class 1 continues through the entire semester. As the swimmers' skills develop, the group may also practice skills from the Swim Class 2 curriculum.

Starting level requirements

To participate, the child is comfortable in the water and able to go completely under water to blow bubbles without holding their nose. The child should be able to concentrate on and follow instruction as part of a group. The child is at least 100 cm tall. The class is for children aged 5 and over.


The goal is for the child to learn how to float, glide, dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve a toy, jump feet first into the children's pool and swim 5 meters (elementary stroke, both front and back).

Please note: We also offer Swim Class 1 groups for children aged 7-12 years old.

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