Swimming for babies and families

Baby Swim is an opportunity for babies and parents to play and be active in a clean and warm (+32 °C) water environment. The goal is to introduce the child to water and to encourage the parents and the baby to interact. The children are not taught to actually swim in Baby Swim; instead they learn to enjoy playing and going under water together with their parents. This is possible due to the infant diving reflex, which causes the child to hold their breath when under water. The babies also work on developing other skills such as balancing, grabbing and social interaction. Cetus has been awarded the Baby and Family Swimming Safety Certificate by the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation.

turvallinen-vauvauinti_tunnus.jpgOne lesson lasts 30 minutes. Baby Swim and Family Swim courses cost 19,50 €/lesson or 23,50 €/lesson if more than one child participates. The invoice will be sent monthly during the season by e-mail. Single lessons are not available to reserve.

Please note by registering for Baby, Family or Sibling Swim courses you will commit to the entire swimming season. To discontinue a course in the middle of the season, notify Cetus by e-mail vauvauinti[at]cetus.fi no later than four weeks prior to the date of termination. The notice period begins on the day of notification.

Sporadic absences (1-3 lessons) are not considered a cause for a discount. We may consider giving a discount due to longer absences (4-6 lessons), but only if a medical certificate is provided. The maximum number of absences that are considered grounds for a discount is six; when the limit is reached, invoicing will continue as per usual. A medical certificate must be presented within six weeks of becoming ill.

For more information, read the info booklet for baby swimming.

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