Getting ready for your swim

What do I need to take with me?

  • To join Cetus swimming school, you need to have a swimsuit, towel and washing items. We also recommend using swimming goggles and a swimming cap during the lesson to make it more comfortable.

How does everything work in the swimming hall?

  • First, sign up at the reception by giving your name/name of the person attending the course. After that, you will get the key for the locker. If you only bring a child to the course, you don't need to pay an entrance fee. If you want to swim, then you pay the entrance fee. Only courses for children include free entrance.
  • If you have your swimming course when the swimming hall is closed there will be a person by the doors who will let you in. You can sign in for the same person by giving your name/name of the person attending the course, and you will get the key. When the swimming hall is closed, only the person attending the course can swim.
  • Before you get into the pool, you need to take a shower without a swimsuit. Also, rinse your hair or use a swimming cap. Long hair needs to be tied up, and all jewelry must be taken off. Swimming with makeup is not allowed. We recommend that children go to the toilet before the course and use the saunas only after their swimming lesson. Going to the sauna before swimming usually makes the water feel very cold.
  • Children can't be by themselves in the change rooms or shower areas. There needs to be an adult looking after them. Please note that outdoor shoes are prohibited in the shower and the pool areas. Children over 7 years of age can come and leave by themselves. If parents allow their child to leave by himself/herself, the parents should inform the teachers at the beginning of the first swimming lesson.

When the course begins…

  • There will be a swimming teacher by the pool wearing a wetsuit or recognizable uniform. If you don't find the teacher, you can ask for help from the other pool staff. The teacher will take care of the children during the whole lesson.
  • All persons in the courses are insured.
  • You are not allowed to join the courses if you are sick or feeling dizzy. If you have sickness (asthma or epilepsy, for example), you need to ask for instructions from the doctor before joining the course. Let the teacher know about your sickness to make sure they know how to react if something happens. You cannot join the course if you have any infectious diseases such as skin disease.
  • During the course, the adult who brought the child needs to leave the pool area and go to the audience stands or the swimming hall's café.
  • When the course ends, the adult should pick up the child from the pool. Teachers are not responsible for taking care of the child when the course has finished. If you want to continue swimming after the course, please note children under 7 years of age need to have an adult monitoring (entrance fee paid and wearing a swimsuit).

Something else?

  • Follow the rules in the swimming hall. The rules can be seen at the lifeguard booth and also at the reception.
  • Using a mobile phone in the shower areas or pools is not allowed because of the phones' cameras.
  • Photographing and videoing without prior consent is prohibited. For the comfort of other clients, please avoid speaking on the phone in the change rooms.
  • Please note that there might be fewer parking lots available on weekends and less vacant lockers in the change rooms.
  • If you have any questions regarding the courses or swimming hall rules, we are happy to help you by email at kurssit[at] or by phone at 010 526 4540 when customer service is open. Check opening hours from here.

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