Baby Swim

Baby Swim is a chance for babies and parents to play in the water in a fun and safe environment. In Baby Swim the children are not taught to swim; they learn to enjoy playing and diving in the water together with their parents.

For more information, read the info booklet for baby swimming.

Starting level requirements

To participate, the child is at least 3 months, has been vaccinated at 3 months and weighs at least 5 kg.


The goal is to teach children to enjoy being in the water and support their growth and development.

Please note: Sign up for Baby Swim using the child's name. If the child does not yet have a name, you may use Baby/Boy/Girl + Surname. For date of birth, use your child's actual date of birth or due date. Update the correct information into the registration system or notify our office as soon as possible.

We recommend transitioning to Family Swim by the time the child is 18 months.

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