Terms and conditions

The contractual terms as set forth by Cetus Espoo ry – Cetus Esbo rf (later Cetus) are applicable in business transactions between a merchant and a consumer. Our contractual terms and our policies abide by the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority's guidelines for recreational centres regarding membership agreements and contractual changes. In our view, good customer service includes bilaterally honouring the terms of a membership agreement and treating all our clients in a fair and consistent manner.

Cetus offers aquatic exercise services (including baby swimming, technique classes etc.) to persons purchasing these services. These services include guided activities supervised by trained instructors. Our products are sold in our webshop and the payment is processed by Visma Pay, a payment service operator (see webshop terms and conditions)

  1. The purchase of a class or lesson also includes a Cetus membership that is valid for the duration of the purchased class or lesson. Membership cannot be transferred to another person and is limited to the purchased class or lesson. When the participant is a minor (under the age of 18), a guardian will accept the terms and conditions at the time of purchase.
  2. Once a class or lesson has commenced, a membership fee/course fee will not be refunded except under special circumstances listed under section 3. or 4. In the event a class is cancelled before its starting date, the organizer reserves the right to charge a handling and processing fee at the current rate. The current handling and processing fee is 15€. Cancelling a class less than 7 (seven) days before its projected starting date is possible only for medical reasons. A medical certificate must be presented.
  3. Membership can be cancelled under special circumstances, such as a long-term medical condition (lasting more than 1 month), pregnancy or military service. Written certification is required in the aforementioned circumstances. Membership cancellation requests based on the aforementioned circumstances will be assessed case-by-case.
  4. It is possible to try the swimming course for the first two swimming lessons from the moment of enrollment. We charge the price of swim cap (10 euro) which is included to course fee and a one-time fee for course trials, which is determined by the number of trials and the total price of the course. We will also charge a 5€ handling fee for the cancellation. Any cancellation of the course must be made in writing immediately after the second trial, but no later than the next day. The course trial does not apply to courses which lengths are 3-5 times, activity camps or baby, sibling and family swimming.
  5. It is possible to cancel the enrollment to baby, sibling or/and family swimming during the season. Termination time is four (4) weeks. The termination must be made in writing no later than four (4) weeks before the termination takes effect by e-mail to Enable JavaScript to view protected content. or Enable JavaScript to view protected content..
  6. Customers are not entitled to a fee refund or compensation in the form of another lesson or class if a lesson or class is cancelled due to reasons or circumstances beyond the organiser's (Cetus) control. Circumstances beyond the organiser's control include, but are not limited to, water contamination that prevents customers and participants from using the pool at the time of the lesson or class.
  7. In case of force majeure (e.g. epidemic or fire) Cetus is not obliged to refund participation fees to customers, and neither is Cetus liable to arrange replacing courses or classes.

  8. It is not permissible for a friend or family member to join the class as a guest in any class organised by Cetus. In child-parent classes as well as in baby swim, family swim and sibling swim classes parents are responsible for their child's safety and expected to follow all given instructions both during and after class.
  9. In the event that a client does not adhere to the terms of the membership agreement, Cetus reserves the right to terminate the participant's membership with immediate effect and to withhold the class fee.
  10. Cetus Espoo ry reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions. If Cetus is forced to cancel a class before its projected starting date, the class fee will be refunded in full. A class may be cancelled because, for example, the requirement for the minimum number of participants was not met.

Any cancellations mentioned above must be made in writing by email to Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

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