Mermaid Swim Class

In this class you will learn to move in the water like a mermaid using the fin, practice swimming under water and learn fun skills like somersaults, corkscrew gliding and blowing bubble kisses. Mermaid swimming is fun way to encourage a child to be active and use their imagination as they explore the underwater kingdom of mermaids.

Please note: We offer Mermaid Swim Classes for children (7+ years) as well as Child-Parent Mermaid Swim Classes for children (7+ years) and parents together.

Participants have the opportunity to purchase the mermaid tail (costume + fin) used during class. Contact the instructor for more information!

Starting level requirements

To participate, the child is able to swim at least 50 meters and swim under water with confidence. The child must be comfortable in the water and be able to float both face up and face down. The minimum age for the class is 7 years.

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