Baby swimming

Baby swimming is a shared moment of exercises and play between babies and parents, monitored by a trained instructor, in warm water (+32 degrees). Baby swimming is a joyful family hobby where the baby is in the main focus. Each activity should be happening on the terms of the baby, so that the child will later see the element of water as something positive. 

During baby swimming the child will not learn how to swim without parental support, but the child will learn how to play and dive in the water with the assistance of the parents. Baby swimmers benefit from the diving reflex (laryngeal chemoreflex), which occurs for babies under the age of 6 months. In baby swimming, we will also practice many other skills example balancing, gripping by hand, and social interaction.

One lesson lasts 30 minutes and the price is 18€. When there are more than one child per family, the price is 22€/ lesson. The bill will be sent by post or online to customer’s net bank. The customer will receive two invoices during the season (January-February-March and April-May). The amount to be paid depends on the organized lessons per period. 

One to three absences in a row do not affect the course billing. Longer absences (4-6 times in a row) can be compensated if there is a doctor’s certificate of absence. You may be absent six times in a row. After that billing continues normally. The certification must be sent in six weeks from getting ill.

When you wish to terminate the baby or family swimming during the season you have to inform the office by phone or e-mail, at least four weeks before your last swimming lesson date. Therefore, the date we receive your e-mail or your phone call will determine the date from where the termination period of four weeks begins.

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Baby swimming

Baby swimming is a joyful,​ safe,​ shared play moment between a child and parents. Baby doesn’t learn to swim by him/herself,​ but to play and dive with parental support. 

Family swimming

Family swimming is a continuation group for baby swimming. You may attend to the group with a child,​ who has turned one year. Under school aged siblings may also attend if there are available places in the group.

Sibling group

Sibling group is meant for families where there are a 3months-1,​5 year old baby and under school aged sibling(s). Sibling swimming is a combination of baby- and family swimming,​ and all the children will be given tasks under the swimming lesson.