Privacy policy / Register policy

The registers and their descriptions maintained by Cetus

The register required for the agency of Cetus is devided in two separate registers:

  • Privacy Policy in course membership
  • Privacy policy in athletics

In addition to these, the messages of the contact form at are saved for ensuring contacting the customer.

Privay Policy in course membership

Register holder: Cetus Espoo ry

Persons responsible for the registers

  • Teresa Pentikäinen
  • Ville Oura

The use of the register

Customer information is used to control the basic custom information. The normal custom requires that the basic information of the customer is available for contacting the customer. The information may be used also for market research and to direct the marketing towards the customer. The customer has a right to deny marketing, that is directed to him/her. Handeling the personal information is based on the Persona Data Act 8 §.

Justification for holding the register

The persons registered are in custom with Cetus.

The information content of the register

Customer's name, address- and contactinformation (email and phonenumber) and the date of birth for an insurance are collected. We also collect data about course members' swimming ability and possibly also health data that might have influence on safety matters when acting in the pool (for example information about epilepsy). In connection with potential enrollments in our summer camps, we also register possible special diets and the size of the participants t-shirt.

The sources of information for the register

The customer information is got from the customer him/herself. When performing the payment, the customer is accepting the use of his/her personal information in accordance with the use purpose of the register.

The disclosure of the personal data

The personal data might be given to the court, police or enforcement authority in the limits of the valid legistlation, if the matters due to the contracts are brought to theirs processing.

The internal use of the register

The use of the register requires personal user name and a password. They are given when admitting the disposition to the customer. The dispositions of the customer is defined by the persons that are resposnible for the register. The information about changes in the registerdata is saved for controlling the use. Also the user name, time stamp and the users own acknowledgment are saved. The information is protected properly electronically and the physical access is limited and controlled. Every user of the register has his/her own user name and password. Cetus's personal and the persons working for Cetus from outside have all obligation of confidentiality according to all the customer information.

Informing the registered

The registered has been informed while making the contractm, that his/her personal information are registered and maintained by Cetus. The file discription is seen at Cetus's office (Leipurinkuja 1 A, 02650 Espoo) and also in:

The right to check

The registered has a right to check, what information about him/her there has been saved to the register. The checking request has to be sent in writing to the person responsible for register matters, or present the request at Cetus's office.

Correcting the information

To correct the information the registered has to contact the person responsible for the register affairs. Correcting the information is taken care of the persons responsible for the register.

Removing the information

The customer has a right to erase his/her information when the customer relationship ends. The customer can remove his/her personal information from the register by making a written request at Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

Right for prohibition

The registered has a right to prohibit dealing the information conserning him/her for the use of direct marketing.

Privacy policy in athletics

Register holder: Cetus Espoo ry

Persons responsible for the registers

  • Teresa Pentikäinen
  • Ville Oura

The same customs are applied for the athletes register as are in the course membership register.

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