Vesiralli 1

In Vesiralli 1, children practice body control as well correct swimming position and breathing technique. During a single class the children will swim a distance of several hundred meters. Vesiralli 1 sessions are in the big pool.

Skills required for the Frog pin:

  • Push off the wall and glide 3-5 meters in the correct position
  • Perform a somersault forward
  • Side kick on the surface
  • Swim any stroke for 50 meters without stopping
  • Push off the bottom to the surface moving forward 10 times in a row
  • Dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve two items
  • Glide + handstand
  • Float in any fashion for 15 seconds
  • Perform a pencil jump
  • Sit on a board and scull to rotate
  • Transport a ball in the water using any style
  • Blow bubbles into the water 15 times in a row (face completely submerged)

(The child must be able to repeat the skill to demonstrate mastery. The instructor will evaluate the performance during the course. Not all of the skills listed above are required to earn the pin.)

Starting level requirements

To participate, the child is able to swim without stopping at least 25 meters on the front and 25 meters on the back in the big pool.


The goal is to learn and master the different movements needed in swimming. The child can work to earn a Frog pin during the course.

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